Friends, somehow we've made it to August and I haven't blogged anything since my daughter was born.... in JANUARY!!! Yikes! Did you think I'd forgotten about sharing things with you? I promise I didn't! I've just been soaking up these precious moments with my baby girl and learning how to be a mom who is on the floor playing instead of stuck behind a screen. But the list of amazing sessions & weddings I have to share with you from this year is LONG. And they're all coming soon enough, but I figured I might as well start here, with this weekend's amazing adventure with Blair & Mike!


We went into last night with a number of challenges stacked against us. I've been sick for a week. I've got a nasty cough and a barely-there extra raspy voice. It is SMOKEY in town! The air quality was officially declared "unhealthy" and the news said it was the smoggiest day of the year. Plus, the mosquitoes were swarming us. I don't think I've ever seen so many mosquitoes before! But these two were the most amazing troopers through it all and we had the BEST time roaming around their family farm!! From fields of "ugly weeds" (that I kept swearing were actually gorgeous), to old buildings, cornfields, trucks, and hay bales, I was loving every corner of their property! Plus, we got to take some photos by this old abandoned house that's about to have the best story.... when given the option of burning it down or turning it into the ultimate fixer-upper, Blair & Mike choose the later.  They've just begun to clean it out and it needs a LOT of work, but I hope someday when they've finally finished remodeling this home they can look back at these photos and remember where their fixer-upper journey started! 


Blair & Mike, thanks for such a fun tour of your farm! I hope you have the best time celebrating your 3rd dating anniversary this week! 

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