For months I've been excited for 2014, and if the rest of the year is anything like my first session, then it is definitely going to be AMAZING!

A few months ago my friend Tiffany told me about this idea she had to start a blog. She was overflowing with passion and amazing ideas. So when she told me that she was bringing her idea to life, and asked me if I would take pictures of her and her family that she could use on her blog, I was overly excited! We had the best time at their session, and had constant entertainment in the form of two adorable little ones. It was insanely cold, snowed on and off, and we even trekked through knee deep snow; but they rocked it the whole time!  

Tiffany's blog is called Becoming Barsotti, and it is going to be amazing! It will be a lifestyle blog focused on encouraging wives and moms, so if you're either of those - be sure to like her facebook page so that you don't miss any of the updates!

I am so incredibly honored to play a small part in the beginning of what is sure to be something great.

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