Nearly all of our sessions happen at sunset, because I am simply not a morning person. But every now and then, our schedules leave us with sunrise as the only option, and every time we wake up before the sun, and chase that early morning light with other beautiful souls, I'm reminded just how amazing those first few moments of a day are. There's something different about sunrise, about starting fresh, starting anew. 

We met up with Sadie & Stefan right as the sun started to peak over the tops of the Bear Paw Mountains. We explored vast fields, tiny trails, and got to hear all about how these two fell in love. Stefan told us with a giant smile on his face about the night that he met Sadie and worked up the courage to talk to her, and together they reminisced about the day where Stefan took Sadie into a small plane for an afternoon ride over their hometown, only to have Sadie look out the plane window to see the words "Will U Marry Me" written in the field below. Yes, EPIC proposal indeed! Stefan is raising the bar for guys everywhere ;) These two were so full of laughter, and combined with the beautiful morning light we scored, we were swooning over their entire session. Especially the end, when Sadie changed into a beautiful white dress, Stefan put on a spiffy outfit complete with suspenders, and the sun let loose with the most magical glow. 

Nex summer these two will drive even further into these gorgeous mountains to start a whole new chaper of their adventure together, and we cannot wait to celebrate with them!

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