I wasn’t lying when I said that Austin could rock any hat he put on. Seriously, four different hats during his session! However, I have to say the baseball one was my favorite - but I may be a little biased since it’s my favorite sport  [wink]  And from what I hear, this kid has SERIOUS talent on the field. When Austin’s sweet mom Angie asked me if we could do part of his session at a baseball field, I happily agreed! After all, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend - I mean, I did plan my entire honeymoon and first anniversary trip around the Yankee’s schedule. Plus, I found out that Austin is a Yankees fan too. Instant friends! And on top of all of that, Austin is graduating from my old high school (GO FALCONS!). Basically what I’m saying is: this entire session was packed full of awesome sauce, and I’ve been dying to share it with you!

Austin is definitely going to do amazing things in the future, on and off the field!

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