Up next in my recap of the 2014 weddings I second shot with Jacilyn M, Photographer is AMANDA & TYLER!

​Oh my, where to begin with these two? Seriously. This was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been too. Hands down. 15 1/2 hours of laughs and good times.

​Amanda and Tyler tied the knot at one of my favorite venues, Montana Wildflower Weddings in Red Lodge, and then they hopped on some Harley’s and headed to Billings for their reception! I have lots more to say about these two, but it seems appropriate to explain as you go, so keep on scrolling down 

Bonus for Tyler, he had TWO gorgeous ladies to share his wedding day with! Their daughter Bella was melting hearts all day.

Now for a few details from their insanely awesome big day: Tyler’s bike. This thing was awesome! And then they had tonsss of DIY touches throughout their ceremony that tied everything together perfectly and explained their crazy love for one another, best summed up on the sign that read: “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.”

And one of my FAVORITE parts of their entire day; after their ceremony Amanda ran inside, switched dresses, threw up her hair, and ran back out for the best getaway I’ve ever seen. On a bike, followed by friends on even more bikes. Seriously, it was amazing! And to top it off, instead of heading straight to their reception they took a detour up the Beartooth Highway first! Yep, the whole group rode up the mountain, and I drove while Jackie shot out of the back of the Jeep!

I won’t lie, I was completely terrified for most of it. Zig-zagging behind, next to, and in front of the group so that Jackie could get some awesome shots! I wish we had a video of that, it was EPIC. Especially when we drove through downtown Red Lodge and Tyler blared “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Everyone stopped and lined up on the side of the road like it was a parade, yelling and cheering on the new Mr & Mrs! It was an amazing sight to see, friends!

Then after a quick rondevu at the turn-around point, we all headed back to Billings for their reception at the Yellowstone Country Club.

Once we got to the Yellowstone Club for their reception we quickly snuck away for some sunset pictures, which are always my favorite! And this group did not disappoint. They were full of shenanigans like making pyramids and laughing uncontrollably. I LOVED this entire crew!

But as much as we loved the whole group, we had to take the bride and groom off for a quick sunset session of just the two of them. Seriously, check these out friends! PERFECTION!!! This golden sunset makes my photographer’s heart melt.

And then their reception. Oh man, SO many laughs and so many awesome dance moves! But first, Bella gave a toast to her parents that brought the whole room to tears. Seriously, this little lady is full of personality and heart!

Amanda & Tyler’s wedding was one for the books, for sure, but don’t think I forgot about the behind the scenes awesomeness from this epic day! One of my favorite things about shooting with Jackie is watching her do what she does best: make best friends with her couples. Seriously, she has the best time at every wedding, and I learn SO much from her every time I get to shoot with her. Also, the shot below of Jackie and Tyler both taking a picture of the two gorgeous ladies of the day? Melt. My. Heart!

And then there’s the added perk of getting to watch Jackie convince the bride&groom to do something crazy, like climb over fences. This one was definitely worth it though! That field of yellow is perfect.

​And when Jackie realizes that one of the wedding guests is one of her past brides, THIS happens. Complete and total shenanigans, in the best way!

And last but certainly not least, selfies!! And a little bit of proof that Jackie and I will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot!

Don’t forgot to click here to check out Jackie’s blog on Amanda & Tyler’s wedding too!

Sorry this one is so long friends, I just couldn’t narrow it down! I hope you love this wedding as much as I do, and if you want to see more of my 2014 adventures with Jackie, check out the two blogs linked below!

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