She was the girl in the sorority, and he was the boy in the frat. He also happened to be the boy who traded doing dishes at her sorority for free food; which when you’re in college is a pretty sweet deal. However, every time Stephen would come over to Amanda’s sorority, she would end up doing her homework downstairs, near him. Or as he exclaimed while laughing, “She pretty much stalked me!” - to which Amanda replied by claiming it was just a good place to study, before laughing it off and admitting she actually just thought he was cute! Something she did worked though, because he ended up being her date to an upcoming dance, and the rest was history!


The night before Amanda & Stephen’s engagement session we found ourselves staring at a forecast that called for a 100% chance of rain. But being that it’s Montana, and the weather changes every five minutes, we decided to try our luck anyways. And oh friends, I’m SO glad we did! The four of us, plus our new furry friend Lily, headed up the mountain on our adventure and had such a great time. Amanda & Stephen powered through the cold toes and wet shoes, and wandered through the snow with us until we found the perfect spots. They were up for anything, and handled everything we threw at them like a PRO! Stephen is pretty much a master at the nuzzle, and it was so adorable watching the way he made Amanda giggle continually.

We’re already so excited for their New Year’s Eve wedding! It might only be March of 2016, but we already know that 2017 is arriving with an amazing party!!!

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