Friends, I don't even know where to start with this one. I just LOVE these two, and their session was truly a one-of-a-kind! We started off in our typical fashion: grab coffee, then head up the mountain.

On the drive up we talked and laughed; I learned that Amanda is a social worker and Jay is finishing up his degree to become an elementary school teacher - and let me just verify that when you put two people with giant hearts together, it's pure MAGIC! Amanda & Jay drove over from Minnesota, where they live, to see family, hit the mountain (hello fresh powder!), and cross engagement photos off their wedding to-do list. Everything was going smoothly as we cruised up the mountain, and then, as I always do, I pulled into my favorite campground. I'd been there less than two weeks prior, so I didn't even second guess myself when I turned down the road and headed for the parking spaces at the bottom of the hill. However, I had severly underestimed the amount of snow that hit the mountains in the last week, and as we made our way down the hill a knot in my stomach was growing. The snow was DEEP. And even with my brand new snow tires, our little Jetta wasn't handling so well. There was no turning the car around on that road, and backing up just didn't seem like it was going to happen. So we plowed through, and hoped for the best.... and then we got stuck. I won't lie friends, I wanted to panic a little bit right there. The car wasn't moving, we didn't have cell service, and we were now at the bottom, facing a giant hill with even more snow between us and the main road. So I did the only thing I could think of.... started shooting!! We just left the car where it was and decided to deal with it after we shot at all my favorite spots nearby. We spent awhile wandering around, trekking through knee deep snow, and Amanda & Jay brought out their A-game and nailed every. single. shot!

Eventually, we had to head back to the car and try to make our way out of the prediciment we'd found ourselves in. We decided to hop in the car and just hope that if we gunned it hard enough, we'd make it through. Not. A. Chance! We were STUCK. But friends, all I have to say is: thank God for Jay! He sprung into action and started figuring out ways to get us moving. Amanda and I were kicking snow to break it up and get it out of the way, Jay was using the windshield scrapper to dig out the wheels from the snow piles they'd sunk into. And after we felt like we'd made some progress, one of us would hop in the car and try to move it forward as the other two pushed from behind. It was a slow moving process to start, but on one of our tries the car took off! I was weaving my way through the snow and my heart was exploding with excitement! And then, it stopped again. Half way up the giant hill, and we were stuck even worse than at the bottom. I couldn't stop apologizing to Amanda & Jay, but I was continutally blown away at how chill and helpful they both were with the situation. This pattern repeated for awhile, and eventually a park ranger showed up with shovels to help us dig a path, along with a super nice lady who helped us push (she was driving a Subaru that dominated the snowy hill and gave us all a new found respect for Subarus!). And SOMEHOW, we made it back to the main road!! I don't think I've ever been as excited as I was in that moment, or as thankful for such amazing clients!

After that ordeal, we raced the sun up the mountain and reached the top just in time to switch outfits and HUSTLE through the last  few locations we wanted to hit! Amanda & Jay were so amazing and rocked through every pose at warp speed! I always say that my favorite sessions are the ones full of adventure, and while this adventure wasn't the kind I tend to dream about, it's one I'll never forget. I'm so incredibly thankful that Amanda & Jay jumped into a crummy situation with me, helping and laughing all along the way. These two have some of the biggest hearts ever, and after watching how they handled this situation I'm certain that they're going to have a marriage full of laughter, partnership, and grand adventures!

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