Almost SIX years ago I met up with Allannah and Will (& Casper!) for the first time. Allannah and I had both worked at the same bank (but at different branches) and a mutual co-worker connected us when she got engaged. We went on an adventure around Bozeman for their engagement session and the following summer they tied the knot at the Gallatin River Hideaway. Then sometime last year we realized how quickly their five year anniversary was approaching and decided that an updated session was a must! So in August we met up, again with the always adorable Casper in tow, and went on yet another adventure around Bozeman and up into Hyalite Canyon. We had so much fun I didn't want our adventure to end! 

I love shooting engagements and weddings, the start of amazing adventures full of love. But you want to know what I love even more? Anniversary sessions. Why? Because after years together love evolves into something so different from the start. It's not all hope and rose-colored glasses, it's real and it's raw and it's unfiltered. It's having spent years learning the true meaning of through good times and bad. It's falling in love over and over again, always with the same person. It's the days spent hand in hand, exploring and laughing and embracing. And it's the days spent arguing and disagreeing, too. Marriage isn't always easy, sometimes it's really, really hard. But waking up every day choosing to keep trying, to keep loving, to keep building a life together, that's the good stuff. The real stuff. Marriage will surely have its challenges, but oh, what a beautiful adventure it is! I still can't believe it's been five years since these two said I Do! 

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