Friends, meet Alexa!! This beautiful woman is the genius behind this website of ours that we love so much! For over three years Brandon worked at a local design/web firm with Alexa and over those years, between Christmas parties, beer dates, tailgates and football games, and one crazy trip to Vegas, we're so thankful to call this lady a friend! She worked tirelessly with us in 2015, alongside the creator of our logo and brand - Lena, to make this website everything we wanted it to be. 

She is beautiful, talented, funny, and one of my favorite people all around! So when she asked if we could do some updated headshots for her - but not boring ones, I was so excited! We hung out in a couple different coffee shops, did a little bit of work, and laughed so much that I left with sore cheeks from smiling/laughing so much. I had the best time capturing some laid back and fun photos for Alexa to use for her own design business, so of course I had to share some of my favorites! 

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