No blogs for 7 whole months, and now I'm coming atcha with two in one week?? Crazy, I know!!! BUT.... these two adorable humans right here, they're getting married... THIS WEEKEND!!!! So obviously I had to share their engagement session before that! 


One of my favorite parts of couples sessions is learning their story.  Hearing all about how they met, started dating, how he proposed, I love hearing all of it!! I'm being honest though, this year has been a bit of a whirlwind into parenthood, and if I tried to retell you their super cute story now, I'd surely not do it justice and mess up plenty of details. But the one thing I do remember is that these two met in class. They ended up in the same group on a project and Kyle mispronounced the name of a small Montana town, to which Alesha promptly corrected him, also calling him something along the lines of stupid/dummy. Which I'm pretty sure has got to be one of my favorite "how they met" moments of all time! I'm also pretty sure the proposal included a puppy... because, Kyle is a genius! 

The main thing you should probably know about Alesha & Kyle though is that they laugh. A LOT! They are such a joy to be around and the way Kyle makes Alesha laugh is just my favorite (plenty of photo evidence below!). I am beyond excited to end my wedding season in Bozeman with them this weekend! Wedding photos coming your way SOON!!! 

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