One of my favorite things about being married to Brandon is that we both have this deep rooted sense of wanderlust. We LOVE traveling to new places, seeing new things, and turning any opportunity possible into an adventure. Because of that, we travel as often as we possibly can. But there's one place we go that we hold above the rest and keep returning to... the place that captured our hearts from the first moment we saw it.... the place that makes our souls swell with love and excitement.... Glacier National Park! 

Last weekend we made the drive up to Glacier to meet with one of our sweet 2016 couples for their engagement session (lots from their session coming next week!), and we had such a great time! In fact, it might be one of my favorite trips to Glacier yet. Why you ask? Well, mostly because half of the park was closed, including the famous Going to the Sun Road. I know, I'm starting to sound crazy, but bare with me here.... when we were making our way up to Glacier we had our fingers crossed that the plows would work their magic quickly on the pass and get the road through the park opened before we arrived. But that didn't happen, and you know what? I'm actually thankful for it! Because we couldn't drive through the park, we had to drive around it. For the first time. And doing that gave us the opportunity to see Glacier from an entirely new perspective, and we finally made time to visit some of the places we'd always wanted to go, but had never made the time for becuase they weren't off the main pass; like the entire (and insanely beautiful) Two Medicine area, which just might be our new favorite place in the entire park.

We spent hours driving through the windy roads along the Eastern edge of Glacier, and not once did I find myself wishing Going to the Sun Road would have been open. Instead, all I could think of was that this was the perfect example of life. Of how we spend so much time planning things and hoping they turn out exactly how we want them to, and they rarely do. And that leaves us with a choice: 1) We can get upset and let the changes throw us off track and ruin our adventure,  or 2) We can roll with the changes, make the best of it, and enjoy the ride!

We have SO many pictures to share from our session with our beuatiful clients coming next week, but for now we wanted to share some of our own photos from our weekend in Glacier National Park with you! We're dubbing this summer our official National Park Tour, so stay tuned next week for photos from our trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, and then in August will have an insane overload of photos for you from our trip to Banff National Park & Jasper National Park in Canada!

And we'll end with Sara's favorite view from Glacier... HUCKLEBERRY PIE!!!!! ;)

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