I don't think we've ever been as jealous of someone as we are of Claudette & Justin. Why? Because they live in our very favorite place: Glacier National Park! Well, technically they live right outside the park. But seriously friends. These two grew up in the area surrounding Glacier, and still get to call it home. Claudette works in the park, and spent years as a park ranger giving tours and guiding people through all the amazing places there are to explore. Walking their dog (who we love!) includes trips to the Old Bridge right outside the park, overlooking the river. They get to spend their days in the most beautiful mountains. And my favorite thing of all, they get to let their love story unfold every single day, in Glacier National Park. So yes, to put it simply, Brandon and I are insanely jealous of them, because we can't think of anything better than spending every day in that area. 

Claudette & Justin have known each other since high school. But it wasn't until a few years after graduation that they would both wind up Christmas shopping in the same place, and Justin would recognize Claudette and say hello. And that was the beginning of the rest of their lives. As we explored the west side of Glacier with these two, our hearts melted watching the way Justin made Claudette laugh. He continually did silly things that plastered a grin across her face, and every time Claudette got the chance she would curl into Justin like he was her protector, her safe place, her home. We laughed so hard and had such a great time adventuring through Glacier with them! They're tying the knot next month on their families property near Glacier, and we can't wait to take them back into the park as a Mr. & Mrs.!!

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