Oh my, where to start with this one... Let's jump back to 2007.... So picture this: here I am, my first day of college, sitting in the hallway outside my English Comp classroom waiting for the instructor to show up and unlock the door along with a bunch of other eager freshmen. I was nervous, reading a book and keeping to myself, when a blonde girl with an exorbitant amount of energy sits down next to me and leans over exclaiming, "You're sitting by me. Everyone else looks weird!" Basically from that day forward, Tiffani and I were best friends. We were inseparable for most of our 2 years at that school, even spending our sophomore year as roommates. In 2009 we graduated from community college and I moved back home to Billings, MT never giving more school a second thought. Tiffani, on the other hand, found herself London bound to continue her education.


Enter, JENNA. Tiffani's "flatmate" in London (did I get that word right ladies? Haha!). Tiffani and Jenna spent a couple of years together in London and I can still remember the first time I really heard about Jenna, Tiffani's "new BFF". 19-year-old me was super jealous of this new California girl that got to adventure Europe with my BFF and claim her as her own. That makes me laugh so hard just writing it now! Basically the 10 years that followed included a whole lot of Tiffani telling Jenna and I that we would love each other if we ever met... but we never ended up in the same place at the same time. Until this past January!


In January of 2019, Tiffani turned 30 and her amazing little sister orchestrated a massive surprise by having all of her best friends fly in to surprise her and celebrate.  I was the first to arrive in Houston and surprise Tiffani. On day 2, while we were playing at a park with Tiffani's niece and nephew, Jenna and her 5-month-old son Zac appeared out of nowhere (or so Tiffani thought, clueless to the whole surprise!) and from about 5 minutes after that, I've considered Jenna one of my best friends too. We should have known Tiffani was right all along, but from the moment I met her, I knew Jenna was my people too! We had the best weekend together celebrating Tiffani, followed by an endless group text as soon as we all had to head home.


Tiffani is now engaged and her BFF crew couldn't let her tie the knot without a proper bachelorette party, so this time we all decided to meet up in California, where Jenna lives, to soak up some girl time, hang out on the beach, and celebrate the girl who ties our whole crew together. Jenna and her husband Michael super graciously opened their home to ALL OF US for the weekend, so I wanted to thank them the best way I knew how: with photos. I flew in a night before everyone else, arriving super late thanks to endless delays, but the next morning we all woke up bright and early to grab some quick photos! Jenna and I stayed up too late drinking wine after I arrived, so by the time we all got up and moving the next morning we were quickly running out of the glowy morning light. She got the boys ready and we ran out her front door into a little grassy area across from her house. We found the one last spot of shade and rushed the rising sun to grab a few photos of their adorable family. Seriously you guys, are they not the most photogenic fam ever?! This was the first time I'd met her husband Michael and oldest son Ben too. It took me as long to love them as it did the first time I met Jenna, which you know, was basically instantly. The Q family is definitely one of my favorites ever and I'm so glad we found a few minutes while I was in California to grab these photos!

And since I failed to blog for the first 9 months of 2019, I figured I'd throw it back to that time in January when I first met Jenna in Houston! Our whole crew is getting together again in November for Tiffani's wedding and in a time in our lives where adulting has taken priority and we all live in different states, it feels like such a dream that our friend crew (appropriately nicknamed "Tiffani & Co" since Tiffani is the reason we all know each other!) gets to see each other THREE times this year!! I'm just so so thankful for all of these ladies!

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