When it comes to your wedding day, the girls you pick to stand next to you play a HUGE part of making your day a success! Don't forget to do a little something extra for them to say thank you and remind them how much you love them! Today we're sharing 5 of our favorite gifts that our brides have given their bridesmaids on their wedding day!


#1. custom robes

You can choose cute floral robes, ones that match your color theme, and even opt to get them monogrammed, but no matter which robes you pick they are sure to impress your bridesmaids! AND they help make your getting ready photos look so much better when everyone is dressed cute and in matching/coordinating clothes!

#2. Monogrammed Clothes

These ones got right along with #1 - matching clothes for getting ready are the perfect touch and such a great keepsake for your bridesmaids that they'll actually want to wear again! We loved these monogrammed PJ's for a summer wedding and flannels for the winter!

3. matching jewelry

One great way to tie all your bridesmaids together in your wedding photos is by having them wear matching jewelry! Gifting them custom jewelry sets is something they are sure to love and use again after the wedding!

4. Customized Mugs

We loved the idea of giving your bridesmaids custom mugs to use on the wedding day and after! One of our brides opted for sparkly to-go mugs while another did customized mason jars and both turned out so great!

#5. Wedding Day Clutch

It's no secret that girls carry a LOT of things at all times. It's not practical to carry a purse on a wedding day, but a small and cute clutch is the perfect thing to carry the essentials all day long! You can even fill it with some survival kit items such as lip gloss, a tide to go eraser, mints, etc.. This is one you can really have fun with and WOW your bridesmaids by customizing what you put in their clutch!

BONUS: Don't forget your flower girls!

The little ladies in your wedding party are arguably the most excited to be included, so don't forget to give them a little something to make them feel special too!

Brides - what did you give your bridesmaids on your wedding day? And former bridesmaids - what is the best gift you've ever received? We can't wait to hear what other amazing ideas brides have had!

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